The South Beach Community Group has adopted the model rules (Associations Incorporation Act 2015) as the rules for the association.

Information provided to the Commissioner under section 29(5):

  • Name of the association: South Beach Community Group Inc.

  • Objects or purposes of the association: The South Beach Community Group aims to establish, grow and improve our community’s well-being by encouraging social connections through recreational, cultural and arts activities as well as promoting the interests of our neighbours.

  • Quorum for a general meeting of members of the association: 3

  • Quorum for a meeting of the management committee of the association: 3

  • The association’s financial year will be the period of 12 months commencing on 01-April and ending on 31-March of each year.

  • The South Beach Community Group will not get involved in or support highly controversial or emotive issues which are divisive within the community; and disputes between individual neighbours or community members.

  • The committee of the South Beach Community Group will jointly agree if a matter falls into the relevant category but will be guided by the basic principles established above.

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